11 Of The Craziest Christmas-Decorated Homes That Are Definitely Ready This Season!

Some people looooove Christmas. They look forward to busting out the decorations every year: some lights, a Santa figurine or two, and of course, a Christmas tree. They decorate, but keep it fairly simple. Not these people. These people go above and beyond. It’s like a competition amongst every house in the neighborhood of who can accumulate the most. I’d hate to see their hydro bills! Take a little virtual stroll to see 11 of the craziest homes decorated for Christmas.


1. This took a whole lot of air! Is there even a house there?

2. What if this was your living room?

3. They sure didn’t leave any space. How do they even get in and out of the house?

Craziest Christmas-Decorated Homes

Photo: CityMetric

4. A little bit of everything.

Craziest Christmas-Decorated Homes

Photo: DigsDigs

5. It’s THE Christmas house.

Craziest Christmas-Decorated Homes

Photo: Brit + Co

6. Can you imagine watching all of the different decorations move at once?

7. In case Santa isn’t sure where to stop, they put indicators.

8. The soldiers are kind of intimidating.

9. This house deserved that crown.


10. Located in Toronto, this one collects donations from visitors to give to the Sick Kids Hospital.

11. Kinda looks like a fun house!

Craziest Christmas-Decorated Homes

Photo: Funcheap

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