Coast Guard & Canadian Navy Nab 26.5 Tons Of Cocaine

The US Coast Guard and Royal Canadian Navy seized 26.5 tons of cocaine worth about $715 million (about $2 billion on the street) on Dec. 15th. This is following a series of multiple seizures in the eastern Pacific.

Covering the entire 418-foot flight deck of the Coast Guard Cutter Hamilton, many were wrapped in brightly coloured plastic and bearing labels such as “white sugar” and “pork;” the pallets were brought to shore in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Coast Guard & Canadian Navy Nab 26 Tons of Cocaine

Photo: ABC 13

The cocaine came from 27 separate vessels off Central and South America from seizures carried out since Oct.1. Vice Admiral Karl Schultz, Coast Guard commander in the Atlantic, said the seizures are part of an effort to stop ships at sea from bringing the drugs to the U.S. and Canada from Colombia, Peru and Bolivia, preventing them from reaching land where they would be divided up into much smaller amounts for smuggling.

Coast Guard & Canadian Navy Nab 26 Tons of Cocaine

Photo: RT

Two British Columbia-based vessels, headed by Commodore Craig Baines, commander of the Royal Canadian Naval Atlantic Fleet, were responsible for seizing more than 3,000 pounds of the cocaine offloaded Thursday as part of the joint operations with the U.S. Coast Guard.

More than 100 smugglers were detained in the raids and some are being prosecuted in South Florida, which is one reason the drugs were unloaded there.

Coast Guard & Canadian Navy Nab 26 Tons of Cocaine

Photo: Daily Mail

Shultz added that cocaine seizures at sea result in three times more drugs intercepted than all U.S. land-based law enforcement efforts combined, therefore making it more effective to impede them before they hit land.

Let’s keep up the team effort guys and gals!

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