Cheerios Sends Out 1.5 Billion Wildflower Seeds To Help Save Bees

Cheerios sent out 1.5 billion wildflower seeds to help save the bees.

The company pledged to distribute 100 million seeds in partnership with Veseys Seeds as part of their #BringBackTheBees campaign, but managed to greatly exceed that amount. Anyone who received the seeds is being asked to plant them in a bee-friendly area.


If you eat Honey Nut Cheerios, you may have noticed that Buzz the Bee is, and has been, missing from the box for awhile now. Do you know why?

It’s because the world’s bee population is in serious trouble.

For the past decade, they’ve been dying off at a rate of about 30% each year.

The use of insectides called neonicotinoids, as well as other pesticides, have lethal effects on bees. These chemicals are widely used by commercial agriculture. Human-caused climate change is another leading factor in the decline of bee populations. Bees are losing their habitat and wild range as a result of global warming.


This is an issue for us because we need to eat too.

More than one third of the world’s fruit, vegetable, and nut crops are dependant upon bee pollination. This includes crops grown to feed livestock.

Hence why it is critical that we work together to #BringBackTheBees. People need bees, and bees need people.

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