Meanwhile In Canada – A Moose Carwash

Moose Cawash

Photo:Nancy Zavaglia Photography Via Reddit


If your running low on funds and you need your car washed head on up to Alberta, Canada where you can get one for free.

Alberta parks have issued a warning after moose have been spotted licking the salt off of vehicles in the Chester Lake and Burstall pass areas.

Moose Carwash

Photo: GameTimePA


The advisory reads, “The recommended moose viewing distance is 30M. Sound a car horn or use your remote door alarm to deter moose to regain access into your vehicle. Do not attempt to push moose away from your vehicle while on foot.”

The warning also says in order to minimize your risk of conflict with a moose you should:

    • Keep your pet on a leash at all times.
    • Be aware of your surroundings.
    • Keep your distance and yielding to moose on the trail
    • Never getting between a cow and her calf.

Here’s a video of a Canadian carwash in action!

Video: dhjgonzo’s channel Via YouTube


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