Watch This Bad Lip Reading Video of Trump’s Inauguration

Did you watch Donald Trump’s inauguration last week and wonder what exactly he, Melania, the Obamas, and the rest of the administration were saying to each other?

As the Daily Beast points out, viewers were granted access to private in-person public scenes between the two administrations, but without being able to hear what they were saying.

But now, thanks to “Bad Lip Reading” technology, we know that Melania wasn’t asking Michelle for help but rather was giving her pretzels, and Trump and Obama passive-aggressively exchanged insults under their breath throughout the ceremony.

Hilary Clinton and George W. Bush reveal that they have a plan to “squeeze” Trump, and some light is finally shed on what Trump and Melania say to each other during that ever-awkward first dance.

My personal favourite is Bush wearing his “bog boy shirt” for this special occasion.

Video: Bad Lip Reading Via YouTube

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