Best Grandpa Ever Builds Backyard Roller Coaster For His Grandkids

These kids don’t have to travel to Disneyland to ride a roller coaster; they have one right in the back yard at Grandpa’s house.

Paul Gregg, a retired aerospace engineer, has built a roller coaster in his backyard that he calls the “Red Racer Roller Coaster Cart.”

Gregg recently posted a video of his grandchildren taking it for a ride and the Internet went wild. By the looks of it the kids love it, and who wouldn’t?

Grandpa Builds Backyard Roller Coaster

Photo: KSL

He built the ‘Red Racer’ out of a plastic body pedal car (you know the little red and yellow foot pedal cars?) and the ‘Little Rocket’ out of a 15-gallon water barrel.

Grandpa Builds Backyard Roller Coaster

Photo: Lifestyle

Gregg wrote on YouTube: “designing a shape, building a mold and making a unique fiberglass body, would probably consume more time and money than the welded steel frame.” The welded steel frame being that which the plastic car and barrel sit on.

He built the coaster tracks mainly out of PVC pipe and long wooden timbers.

This is the third roller coaster he has built in his backyard. There is also the ‘ Out ’N’ Back Negative G’ and ‘Smaug the Terrible.’

Without a doubt Paul Gregg is one of the best Grandpas a kid could ask for. The man deserves an award!

Watch the video below!

Video: Paul Gregg Via YouTube


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