Knife-Wielding Attacker Shot By French Soldier At Louvre In Paris

A man armed with a machete and carrying two bags was shot by a French soldier as he tried to enter the Louvre museum in Paris, France, Friday morning in what Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve described as “terrorist in nature,” adding that authorities had to be careful in describing the incident.

Attacker Shot By French Soldier At Louvre

Photo: Mirror

Soldiers were patrolling the shopping mall that leads to an entrance to the museum when the attacker rushed the group of soldiers, cutting the scalp of one. Another soldier acted fast by opening fire. He fired 5 bullets, seriously wounding the assailant with a shot to the stomach, but not killing him.

The attacker has been detained and treated for his injuries but has not been identified as of yet. A second person was taken into custody in connection with the assault for suspicious behaviour.

Attacker Shot By French Soldier At Louvre

Photo: Fox News

Prior to being taken down, the attacker shouted Allahu Akbar, which means “God is Greatest.”

Head of Paris police Michel Cadot told reporters that the bags he was carrying did not contain explosives.

Attacker Shot By French Soldier At Louvre

Photo: Zero Hedge

Visitors to the museum were held inside following the attack, confining them to safe zones before moving them outside in small groups.

Video: CGTN Via YouTube

With France being the target of several terrorist attacks—the July truck attack in Nice that killed 86 people and the 6-in-1 day attacks in November 2015 that left 130 people dead across Paris—this is sure to unnerve a country already on edge.

France is set to elect a new president in May; safety from terrorism and border control are sure to remain top concerns after this scare.

U.S. President Trump has taken the opportunity to tell the States to “get smart,” in light of massive protests against his recent “Muslim ban:”


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