4-Year-Old Girl Literally Blown Away By Strong Winds

4-Year-Old Girl Literally Blown Away

Photo: ABC News

I always feel bad for birds when it’s super windy out. I’ve seen baby ducks get swept away by strong winds, and they’ve always been or looked like they were ok, but it still makes me worried.

This 4-year-old girl in Mentor, Ohio, recently got a taste of what it’s like to be like those birds; to be so light the wind just picks you up and away you go.


Her mom, Brittany Gardner, posted the video, which was recorded by their security camera, on her Facebook. It shows her daughter, Madison, walking up to their home, opening the glass door just as a fierce gust of wind blows her away as she’s still holding onto the door.

I laughed way too hard. I love the added Frank Sinatra tune!

Her mom said all she heard is “Moooom!” When she looked back she saw Madison pinned between the door and the side of the house.


“She is ok and laughing along with it,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

Which doesn’t make me feel as bad for laughing so much lol.

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