16 Times Barack Obama & Joe Biden Memes Made Us LoL

President Obama and VP Joe Biden (or JoeBama, as some are calling them) bromance memes have been popping up all over social media as a source of comic relief following a very tense campaign season and for some, an even more anxiety-ridden post-election. While the majority of these hilarious and imaginative memes focus on how the two “bros” could prank Trump, indicating that many people are sad to see them go, it’s best to note that it’s simply people trying to be funny at a time when it’s hard to know whether it’s ok to be funny. We think it is, so we’ve gathered together 16 of the best JoeBama memes to offer a few good chuckles.

1. When Biden showed that he knows how to play the game

2. Biden: “But just I wanna practise my target shooting”

3. When he offers up a “helping hand”

4. Priorities.

5. Because he knows it’s all about timing

6. When he knows how to make newcomers feel welcome

7. Focus Biden, focus

8. When he found a creative outlet for his frustration

9. Because he knows what buttons to push

10. Because he knows how to cater to guests…

11. …and just wants to create the most welcoming atmosphere possible

12. When he doesn’t GAF how inappropriate he’s being

13. *Googles Home Alone*

14. When there is no end to his mischievous ideas

15. He’s ‘Biden’ his time…

16. Because Biden wants to have the last laugh

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