10 Comics That Depict The Realities Of Living With Anxiety

For those that have dealt with, or are dealing with anxiety, it can be difficult to explain to those who haven’t experienced it’s ugliness. Your chest is tight. Your mind is racing. Overthinking is your middle name. You live by Murphy’s Law. Your heart pounds in your ears. You’re drowning in a glass container while everyone around you goes about their daily business.

It is a serious disorder that affects more people than you’d think—an estimated 1 in 4 Canadians will have at least one anxiety disorder in their lifetimeAND it is the most common mental illness amongst adults in Canada. So anxiety is no joke. But we’re going to make it one (sort of), if only to offer some solace to those who are burdened with it, or to give those who aren’t a lighthearted glimpse into life living with anxiety. Unfortunately, anxiety is one of those things that has a cloudy stigma surrounding it. One of the best ways to eradicate this is to educate. So here are 10 comics starring anxiety that are all-too-real.

[Please note: everyone experiences anxiety differently. Sally might have night terrors and Joe might fear answering the phone. These comics don’t necessarily reflect the experiences of every person who has anxiety as it is deeply personal. But we do hope that in addition to gaining a bit of insight, you also get a giggle or two from them.]

1. The SUPER FUN experience that is the panic attack

Girl shows breakdown of a panic attack

Illustration: Introvert Doodles


2. Sh*t can escalate pretty quickly

Anxiety scale level of discomfort

Illustration: Introvert Doodles


3. Our greatest superpower

Illustration of anxiety girl

Illustration: Natalie Dee


4. The simplest things can feel like the greatest accomplishments

Everyday awards for people with anxiety

Everyday awards for people with anxiety

Illustration: Beth Evans


5. Everyday interactions are subject to heavy scrutiny


6. Avoiding human interaction out of fear of awkwardness

Illustration why I hate the mall as someone with anxiety

Illustration: Introvert Doodles


7. Yup.

8. Racing heart? Check. Sweating? Check.

9. Attempting to back out of a panic attack

Thoughts I have during a panic attack

Illustration: Introvert Doodles


The perils of overthinking

Illustration: Gemma Correll



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